MYSTIC CHORALE Fall Rehearsals begin Tuesday, September 10th
The Theme is simple: MORE LOVE and will include love songs in many styles
    More info at 781-316-2500 or

Sunday, September 29 10 am:   Christ Lutheran Church 113 Union Street  Natick MA.  a Gospel Liturgy with Nick Page including I NEED YOU TO SURVIVE and Nick’s prayer WE PRAY.

Nov. 23 & 24:  The MYSTIC CHORALE directed by Nick Page celebrates MORE LOVE.
      More info at 781-316-2500 or

Help Nick celebrate his 67th birthday ! ! ! !
WHEN I’M 64 + 3
Saturday, Dec. 7 at 7:30 Nick-Crossing-Abbey-Road-Close-up
Guitarist GARY BACKSTROM and band rock out in one great song after another from familiar gems to the occasional rarity.  Words are projected on a screen, Volunteers come to the mic to lead songs, Beatles Trivia Questions (try to stump Nick) plus Beatles Slide Show - Dancing Allowed

Hancock Church
1912 Mass. Ave. in Lexington (the stone church on the Battle Green)
$15 at the door
$13 Seniors & Students

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