The first part of this resource page is a short multi-use resource list Nick provides in his workshops.   There will soon be an extensive resource on songbooks from many cultures and other great resources.


The Nick Page SING WITH US Songbook, 2008, Hal Leonard.   (Many songs for community singing) Available at

Page, Nick.  Sing and Shine On!  An Innovative Guide to Leading Multicultural Song.  1995, 800-810-2040 (Also available at

Page, Nick, Music As Way Of Knowing, Stenhouse ISBN 1-57110-052-0 (800-988-9812) (80 pages) Part of a series of books on how to use the arts to teach academic subjects.

Nyberg, Anders, ed. FREEDOM IS COMING,  Songs of Protest and Praise from South Africa for Mixed Choir. Chapel Hill, NC: Walton Music Corporation.  (Great book and tape of SATB songs and chants.)

Seeger, Pete, 1993. Where Have All the Flowers Gone, A Singer’s Stories, Songs, Seeds, Robberies.  Bethlehem, PA: Sing Out Corporation.

Blood-Patterson, Peter, ed. 1988. Rise Up Singing. Bethlehem, PA: A Sing Out Publication, PO Box 5253, 18015.   (The best collection of folk song lyrics around.   Tapes or CDs available.)

Orozco, José-Luis, ed. Ill. by Elisa Kleven, De Colores and Other Latin-American Folk Songs for Children, New York, NY: Dutton Children’s Books, 1994.  (also Diez Deditos, Ten Little Fingers)

Tiemstra, Suzanne, Latin America Choral Music Resource  - excellent

Barnwell, Ysaye, 1989. Singing in the African American Tradition, Choral and Congregational Vocal Music. Woodstock, NY: Homespun Tapes, Ltd.  ( (Six tapes or CDs where Dr. Barnwell teaches the harmonies one part at a time—Her way of keeping the songs within the aural tradition.   With great background information.  Highly recommended!)

Burton, Bryan. 1993.  Moving Within the Circle: Contemporary Native American Music and Dance.  Danbury, CT. World Music Press.   (Book and tape/CD.  Very teacher-friendly.  Highly recommended!)

Sweet Honey In The Rock, All For Freedom. 1989. (Recording) Redway, CA: Music For Little People. (Great African and African-American songs for children.)

Gold, Ben-Zion. The Harvard Hillel Sabbath Songbook, Boston, MA: David R. Godine, Publisher, Inc. 1992. (300

Mass. Ave. 02115) (Wonderful collection of sacred and secular Jewish songs with piano accompaniment.)

Songs of Zion. 1981. Nashville: Abingdon Press. (Manufactured by the Parthenon Press) [ISBN 0687391202] (Fantastic collection of African American Hymns, Spirituals, and Gospel Songs—with historical backgrounds for each style.) 1981

Afghan Children’s Songbook Project,   Songbook w/CD available.

Parker, Alice. 1976. Creative Hymn Singing. Chapel Hill, NC: Hinshaw Music, Inc. P.O. Box 470, 27514.

Weisenberg, Joey, 2011, Building Singing Communities, A Proctical Guide to Unlocking the Power of Music in Jewish Prayer,,,, (Joey concentrates this guide on leading the Chassidic Nign, a style he is helping to make popular again.)

Celebrate the Spring, Spring and May Day Celebrations for Schools and Communities,  Revels Inc. Publications, 617-972-8300   Their “education & outreach” section (particularly the Center for Folklife section) has free lessons for teachers.

McMillan/McGraw, They sell Mary Goetz’s DVD GLOBAL VOICES series.  (excellent)

Scott. John Anthony & Scott, John Wardlaw, Ballad of America, A History of the United States Through Folk Song, Revised 3rd Edition, Published by FOLKSONG IN THE CLASSROOM, 97 Sturbridge Rd, Holland, MA 01521-0123 413 245 4413 (Great American songs telling a great history – wonderful stories accompany each song.  Highly Recommended)

Weber, Sol, ed., Rounds Galore!  Captivating Rounds, Old and New.  1994. Distributed by Sing Out! Corp. or from Sol “Roundman” Weber, 25-14 37th St., Astoria, NY 11103-4228   (The best collection of rounds. Recommended.) Available at

Ellington, Duke, Sacred Concerts,  Miami Beach, FL: Hansen House (n.d.) (ISBN 0 8494 0170 4) (Contains “Freedom, Sweet Fat & That”)

Get America Singing . . . Again!, (Vol. 1 & 2) ed by Will Schmid, Hal Leonard 1996

The African American Heritage Hymnal, published by GIA (see address below) 2001.  (Excellent hymnal)

VELA VELA, DVD & book (Striving for Authentic Performance in Black South African Choral Music)  Mollie Stone at The Chicago Children’s Choir, 78 E. Washington Street in Chicago, IL 60602  Goetz, Mary & Jay Fern, GLOBAL VOICES,  DVDS for learning music from many traditions in the oral tradition.  Correlated with McMillan/McGraw-Hill’s Spotlight on Music. STOMP OUT LOUD  Video (DVD) choreographed percussion performances.   from HBO Video

THE MAGIC FLUTE  by Mozart, directed by Ingmar Bergman (sung in Swedish with English subtitles.)  Available from HOME VISION 800-826-3456 (ISBN 0-7800-1748-X)

Gilmor, Timothy M., Paul Madaule, and Billie Thompson, eds. 1989. About The Tomatis Method. Toronto: The Listening Centre Press.  (One the many uses of the Tomatis Method for healing and for education.)



Homespun Tapes  Box 694, Woodstock, NY 12498   (How-to CDs and videos on learning folk and jazz instruments. Also contains tapes on yodeling, singing in harmony as well as Ysaye Maria Barnwell’s exceptional sets, Singing in the African American Tradition Vol. 1 & 2)

GIA Publications, Inc.  800-GIA-1358 (They have some great songbook/tape sets of songs for ages one through five by Feierabend.) Music For Little People  Box 1460, Redway, CA 95560 (800-246-4445) (Wonderful children’s recordings by Tom Chapin, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Sally Rogers, Ladysmith Black Mambazo and many others.)

Tara Publications   29 Derby Ave.. Cedarhurst, NY 11516  800-827-2400  (Tara publishes hundreds of song books and recordings representing the great diversity of music within the Jewish tradition.  Their catalog is a must!)

Transcontinental Music Publications  633 Third Ave.   New York, NY 10017    212-650-4101  (     (Octavos and collections from Jewish traditions and composers)World Music Press  800-810-2040  fax: 203-748-3432 (Excellent song books, CDs, and octavos of music from many cultures.   The books are well researched and written with the classroom teacher and music specialist in mind.   Highly recommended.)

West Music Catalog 1208 5th St. , Coralville, IA 52241  (800-397-9378) (Distributor of many multicultural music resources.)

World Around Songs  Rt. 5 Box 398  Burnsville, NC 28714  (704)675-5343 (Small folk song collections, available since the Fifties, with music of many cultures appropriate for sing-a-longs with people of all ages.   They have some great collections of rounds and canons.)