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DO YOU SHINE? by Nick Page (echo song) Self Published.   Here is Nick with friends leading 3,000 adults in this joyful song.  Here are the lyrics with chords:
C                                                   G7
Do you let the light in? (echo)  Do you let the light out? (echo)
F                                   C
Do you shine? (echo)  Really shine? (echo)
C                                                                G7
Do you dance with the light? (echo) Does the light dance with you? (echo)
F                                   C
Do you shine? (echo)  Really shine? (echo)
Bb                     F             G
VERSE 1)  Do you shine with the light of a child?
Bb                     F                  G
Do you shine with the light of the sun?
F                                                       G7
Do your eyes shine?  Your nose and your toes?
F                                                                       G7
Does your soul shine? Through your highs and your lows, your lows?
Bb                                                F                            G7
VERSE 2) Well you gotta’ know the dark if you’re gonna’ know the light
Bb                               F                 G7
‘Cause the dark and light, they sort a’ go together.
F                    G                F                                 G
Find the joy in all you do – even when you’re feeling blue
F                                                            Gsus       G
‘Cause the pain and joy are part of life’s great blessings,
Gsus           G7
Life’s great blessings.       CHORUS

WE PRAY (HEALING PRAYER) by Nick Page with words from the Spiritual “Balm In Gilead” sung by Nick Page and Jeannie Gagné. Self published by Nick Page

I’m Gonna’ Get Through This World    words by Woody Guthrie, music by Lisa Gutkins of The Klezmatics from their Wonderwheel CD.  Performed by The Vocal Arts Academy of Milwaukee, Emily Crocker, director

IMAGINE THE SONG by Nick Page SA/Piano published by Boosey & Hawkes.   This link brings you to the premiere by the Northwest Girlchoir in Seattle conducted by their director Sara Boos.   The song was inspired by a poem by my father, “Imagine the sound of all humanity singing.”

Links to two songs from Nick Page’s musical ATTACK OF THE WINDMILLS
1)    The Songs are the Last to Go ©2014
2)    It Doesn’t End  ©2014
Go to site.   The password is NPage

To hear the songs from Nick’s musical ATTACK OF THE WINDMILLS, go to:

THERE’S HONEY IN THE ROCK, Spiritual with additional words by Nick Page. Published in Nick’s SING WITH US Sonbook from Hal Leonard.

WE ARE FREE by Zakhele Msome arr. by Nick Page, Sung by Phumlani Bhengene and Nick’s Mystic Chorale.

NISKA BANJA Serbian folksong arr. by Nick Page (Boosey & Hawkes) Performed in Wellington, New Zealand by the East Girls’ College 2010

NISKA BANJA performed by the Vocal Arts Academy of Milwaukee, 2010-06-07 directed by Emily Crocker

SHE SHALL HAVE MUSIC by Nick Page, SA/Piano, also available SSA. Part of Nick’s NURSERY RHYME CANTATA published by Boosey & Hawkes.

GONNA GET THROUGH THIS WORLD, words by Woody Guthrie, music by the Klezmatics (Lisa Gutkin) arr. by Nick Page. Published by Hal Leonard.   Performance by Vocal Arts Academy Young Artists of Milwaukee (Emily Crocker, director)

A PROMISE I WILL KEEP by Nick Page Duet & SATB/Piano. Hal Leonard. Sung by Nick Page and Louise Grasmere with the Mystic Chorale of Boston.

YOU HAVE A HEART by Nick Page, Unison or Unison & SATB/Piano. Self-Published. The piece was written for New Jersey’s JOYFUL NOISE, a group of singers with physical and intellectual disabilities, but the piece can be sung by any group.   The message is one that the group JOYFUL NOISE teaches us, that we need to let our hearts fly and not hold back. Here is JOYFUL NOISE performing the song with Todd Emmons, soloist.

YOU HAVE A HEART by Nick Page Unison with piano (or Unison with SATB/Piano) Self-Published. Here is a performance by The Young People’s Chorus of Erie, PA, Gabrielle Dietrich, Artistic Director

N’KOSI SIKELELI AFRIKA, the Anthem of the ANC and part of the South African anthem. ed. by Nick Page SATB a cappella, World Music Press.


L’EYLA (UPWARD) by Nick Page SSATB/Piano from Transcontinental. Performed by Boston’s Zamir Choral and Boston area HaZamir Youth choruses led by Joshua Jacobson

STARS SONGS FACES by Nick Page performed by the All Souls Church Choir in Nashville, TN led by the Rev. Jason Shelton. The piece is SA/Piano and is published by Boosey & Hawkes.   The text is by Carl Sandburg and is part of three Sandburg settings by Nick Page.   The other two are “Baby Song of the Four Winds,” and “Was Ever a Dream a Drum?”

FAIREST LADY by Nick Page SA/Piano, published by Boosey & Hawkes.   This is the final song in Nick Page’s NURSERY RHYME CANTATA.   The song “London Bridge” appears three times including a retrograde inversion on page one. A new SSA version is available.

THE SUN WILL NEVER GO DOWN Spiritual arr. by Bernice Johnson Reagon, Sung by Louise Grasmere and the Mystic Chorale led by Nick Page with Jonathan Singleton on piano.

GOT GOOD RELIGION Trad. Gospel Quartet sung by Fred Griffeth, Gail Nickse, with the Mystic Chorale led by Nick Page with Jonathan Singleton on piano.

OVER THE RAINBOW arr. by Nick Page sung by Nick’s Mystic Chorale.

MBOMBELA (TRAIN SONG) South African arr. by Nick Page. The song expresses the sadness of the train taking away our loves ones and the joy of that train’s returning. From unpublished manuscript. Sung by Nick’s Mystic Chorale.

Here are the first three MYSTIC SELFIES, our attempt at entering the 21st Century.  They are viral ads for our May 16 & 17 Pete Seeger tribute concert.