SONG OF HEALING  by Nick Page  3/22/13 (Written in reaction to the Sandy Hook, CT shootings)
There’s healing in the knowing
that rivers heal the land
There’s healing in the knowing
that rock will turn to sand

Compassion is a healing force,
like the shining of the sun,
That which we give with loving hearts
can never be undone.

REFRAIN  Living water, Living air,
Living starlight made aware,
Healing rivers, healing Earth,
Healing sunshine, healing prayer.

It’s the song of wounded bodies,
It’s the song of wounded hearts,
It’s the song of mothers, fathers,
When the grief tears them apart.

It’s the song of hateful loners
believing they are cursed,
It’s the song of twenty innocents
crying from the Earth.
Do we let go of the anger?
Do we let go of the rage?
Do we let go of the hurting?
Find hope in what remains?

Find healing in compassion,
Find healing in our faiths,
Find healing in each other,
Community’s embrace.

OUR PURPOSE HERE (A Hymn) by Nick Page 3/11/10
words paraphrasing Folliott Sandford Pierpoint and St. Francis of Assisi

1) Our purpose here is growing clear,
Compassion is the key.
What started with a single cell
Became the life we see.
To magnify magnificence,
A task for you and me;
To make this world a better place,
Give back to all you see.

2) For the beauty of the Earth
And all the Universe,
For the splendor of the skies,
The stars that gave us birth,
Source of all to Thee we raise
This song of grateful mirth,
Give back to life, this precious life.
Give back to all you see.

3) All creatures of the earth and sky,
All souls of every race,
This living web, this living Earth,
Gaia’s smiling face,
Eternity of blessed life,
Universal Grace,
Embrace this precious web of life,
Give back to all you see.
Give back to all you see.

HEAVEN FOUND by Nick Page 7/09 (A shape note hymn written in the style of Isaac Watts.  I wrote it after leaving a shape note sing at Bread & Puppet.   The songs had all been about death and resurrection and when I exited the hall, the evening stars were shouting, “Heaven Found.”)

We sing of death, Oh lonely death,
Of being Heaven bound.
Then exit there and upward stare,
the light of Heaven Found.

The stars of night, O brilliant night,
Their wonder knows no end.
We look with awe, absorb the awe,
Our light, with wonder, send

Give out your light, your humble light,
And share what you receive.
For like the stars, we all must give
To Heaven before we leave.