FOUR BOOKS by Nick Page
The Nick Page DO YOU SHINE? Songbook COMING SOON
The Nick Page SING WITH US Songbook (Hal Leonard)
SING AND SHINE ON (World Music Press)
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SING WITH US Songbook contains songs for sing-alongs.   Most of the songs can be taught ahead of time to a chorus so that the chorus sings a more advanced part with the audience or congregation joining in on a more familiar part.   The book is in three section.  1) Unison Songs, 2) Echo Songs and 3) Call & Response songs.   The book can be ordered from

Sing and Shine On CoverSING AND SHINE ON looks at the power of sing-alongs with chapters on honoring multi-cultural traditions, cultural and physical powers of music, and a lengthy section on how to choose, teach, and lead songs.   The book is published by World Music Press and can be  ordered from

On Nick’s book SING AND SHINE ON: It’s incredibly profound:  the way it weaves together so many different threads of wisdom is inspiring, energizing and dazzling.  It’s also wonderfully helpful on a practical level. Alexander deVaron, Temple University 1/2/17


Music-as-a-Way-of-Knowing-CoverMUSIC AS A WAY OF KNOWING shows how teaching music can be integrated into teaching Science, Math, Reading, Writing, and History.   The book can be ordered from or by contacting Nick Page at