Choral Music


To hear the songs from Nick’s musical ATTACK OF THE WINDMILLS, go to:

Niska Banja  Romani Dance  arr by Nick Page ©1989 SATB #48020831, SA #48020832 & TB #48020833 (Piano three hands) Boosey & Hawkes   With driving 2+2+2+3 rhythm, characteristic of Eastern Europian dance.   New clarinet and tambourine parts.   Click below to hear Paul Haley’s Chorus Angelicus singing NISKA BANJA.

The Earth’s Been Good To Me 
arr by Nick Page ©2006   SAB/Piano    Hal Leonard.  Using the old “Johnny Appleseed Grace,” this piece is a joyful dance for the Earth with a simple audience part.

Building Bridges
  arr. by Nick Page ©2005  for children’s choir, SATB choir & audience    Hal

IMAGINE THE SONG by Nick Page SSA/Piano  Boosey & Hawkes.  Based on words by Nick’s father, “Imagine the sound of all humanity singing.”

And They All Say Shalom
words by Laya Steinberg, music by Nick Page SATB/Piano. Self-published.   Contact for info. Click below to hear the choirs of the Bethlehem Central School District (NY).

 by Nick Page    Note: optional orchestral parts (Fl, Cl, Ob, Bs, Hrn, Perc. Strings)

I.  London Bridge  by Nick Page  ©1999   SA/Piano  Boosey & Hawkes

II.  Runaway Spoon Round  by Nick Page ©1999 Two or Four-Part Treble/Piano   Boosey & Hawkes
III.   Solomon Grundy  by Nick Page ©1999  Unison or Two-Part Treble/Piano   Boosey & Hawkes  11-Solomon-Grundy-Greenwich-1st-half  Click here to hear 2nd-half
     IV.  She Shall Have Music  by Nick Page ©1994  SA/Piano   Boosey & Hawkes (click below to hear)

A Little Curl  (a jazz riff)  by Nick Page ©1999 SA/Piano with optional Bass   Boosey & Hawkes (click below to hear)

Old Mother Hubbard  by Nick Page ©1999  Soloist with Unison Treble Voices Boosey & Hawkes

VII. Fairest Lady  by Nick Page ©1999  Unison Treble w/Descant & Piano  (Now also available in a gorgeous SSA version).  Boosey & Hawkes.  The melody is “London Bridge” upside down.   The piano part is based on “Mbube,” Solomon Linda’s South African song that became “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” Philip Kearstead created a sign language version which can be seen at:  Click to hear Barbara Tagg directing the new SSA FAIREST LADY

Click below to hear the SSA FAIREST LADY led by Nick Page with the Voices United Honors Children’s Chorus in Fairfax, VA, August, 2014.

Thanks Be To Thee
  by G. F. Handel, freely adapted by Nick Page  SSA/Piano (optional cello & clarinet) self published – contact for info.  Click below to hear Nick conduct the Honors Children’s Chorus at the Voices United Conference in Fairfax, VA, August, 2014.

Gonna Get Through This World
 words by Woody Guthrie, music by Lisa Gutkin of the Klezmatics, arr. by Nick Page SATB/Piano with opt. audience sing-along at the end.   Woody Guthrie married into a Jewish family in NYC in the 1940’s.  The Klezmatics produced an album of songs with original music to Guthrie’s words.

The Seven Wonders
  arr. by Nick Page ©2007   SSA/Piano  (or SA)   Boosey & Hawkes   A Welsh nonsense song.  Here is an August, 2014 performance of Nick conducting the Honors Children’s Chorus at the Voices United Conference in Fairfax, VA.

Bashana (Dance Version)
words by Ehud Manor, music by Nurit Hirsch ©1967, English words and arr. by Nick Page SSA/Piano (Hal Leonard) Click below to hear The Kettering Children’s Choir (OH) directed by Dr. Natalie DeHorn

Imagine the Song by Nick Page SA/Piano Boosey & Hawkes.  Click below to hear Sara Boos conduct the Northwest Girlchoir.

Imitate Her Notes Above by G. F. Handel, ed. by Nick Page SA/piano (with optional string parts and optional harpsichord part)  ROGER DEAN Click below to hear Emily Ellsworth conduct ANIMA at the National ACDA Convention in Chicago, 2011.

Be Lifted 
by Nick Page SSA/piano.  “We’re not alone.  We’re all a part of something greater than our selves.  Be lifted, be received, be embraced by love.”  Upbeat. Boosey & Hawkes.   Click below to hear Nick direct the Voices United Honors Children’s Chorus in Fairfax, VA in August, 2014.

Thula S’Thandwa
  South African Lullaby arr. by Nick Page (available SA & SATB from Boosey & Hawkes)  Click below to hear the SATB version sung by the Mystic Chorale of Boston directed by Nick Page and below that to hear the SA version sung by the Pacific Mennonite Children’s Choir in British Columbia from their CD TOTAL PRAISE.  (They some small liberties with the form, but otherwise it is a gorgeous performance).


Hamisha Asar
by Flory Jagoda ©1993  arr. by Nick Page ©2000 Available SSA or SATB with piano  Boosey & Hawkes   Sephardic folksong in Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) The meter is a driving 3+2+2. (click below to hear)

We’re Goin’ Around
by Scott Joplin, edited by Nick Page ©2007  SA or Solo/SATB w/Piano  Boosey & Hawkes  This is from Joplin’s great opera Treemonisha.   It’s an upbeat ragtime dance.  Can be sung in 2 parts.  Click below to hear Nick conducting the Honors Children’s Chorus at the Voices United Conference in Fairfax, VA in August, 2014.

N’Kosi Silelel’i Afrika
  The South African Anthem by Enoch Sontonga (1897) ed. by Nick Page ©2002 based on an arrangement by Joseph Shabalala.  Available SATB or SA   World Music Press
Thula S’Thandwa  Zulu Lullaby  arr. by Nick Page ©1998   Available SATB/Piano or SA/Piano  Boosey & Hawkes.  Here is Boston’s Mystic Chorale directed by Nick Page.

A Child Is Born (Magnified in Glory)
 by Nick Page ©1994  SSAA or SATB   Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6762  An upbeat reinterpretation of the Magnificat text where we are all amazing children of the universe, born in magnificence. (Click below to hear Paul Caldwell conducting – he added percussion and piano)

K’Ayal Ta’arog (Psalm 42)
  by Nick Page SATB. Piano, Percussion.  Boosey & Hawkes
Lights Upon Our Souls  words and music by Nick Page SAB in Shape Note Style, 2010  Boosey & Hawkes.  Click below to hear the Chamber Choir of HaZamir: The International Jewish High School Choir performs July 20, 2014 at the North American Jewish Choral Festival, Matthew Lazar Founder and Director.  Recording by Larry Sandberg.

Benarty Hill
 by Nick Page  Unison Treble w/piano.  Boosey & Hawkes (In the style of a Scottish ballad)

Choose To Bless the World SATB, Piano four hands with text by Rev. Rebecca Parker   Music by Nick Page ©2008 “The power of your mind can bless or curse the world.”  Boosey & Hawkes.  The song quotes Jubilate Deo at the end.  If you record the song, Nick would love a copy.   Here is a synth version:

Kodesh Heim SATB w/Bar solo, Chanukah liturgy, Psalms & Spirituals.  Music by Nick Page  (Transcontinental)

PEACE VARIATIONS ON A THEME BY BACH for Treble Voices & Piano by Nick Page  Boosey & Hawkes
Theme: Preludium One in C Major
 (BMW 846) by J. S. Bach, descant by Nick Page
II. Variation One    Shalom/Salaam
III. Variation Two     When The Source of Power

IV. Variation Three   In The Power of Love (not the love of power)

V. Postlude    Pacem

Say Amen, Somebody  by Nick Page   SSA or SATB w/piano   A rousing Gospel infused  celebration with the words, “Some say, ‘Amen,’ some say, “Aw-mein,’ some ‘Alhamdulila,’ some ‘Hallelujah, some sing out praise to the stars up above, but you got to let it out if you feel the love. We don’t need permission to say ‘Amen.’”   CHORISTERS GUILD.  Click to hear a demo of the SATB version.

All Creatures of the Earth and Sky 
arr. by Nick Page  SATB a cappella w/baritone solo,  Choristers Guild.  Here is a synth version.

L’Eyla  (Upward)
  by Nick Page ©2009   SSATB Piano  Transcontinental #993335  Using the South African Mbube style, Nick set inspiring words by Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook (translation by Rabbi Ariel Burger).  Because the text speaks of a spiraling spirituality, Nick added the phrase “L’Eyla U’ L’Eyla,” which means, “To the Upward and Upward.”  Click below to hear a performance two performances of L’Eyla.   The first is by the Jubilate Singers & Toronto Jewish Folk Choir and the second is by HaZamir, the international Jewish High School Choir conducted by Matthew Lazar.


You Have a Heart (Use It)
 by Nick Page  Unison or SATB w/piano.  Self-Published – contact Nick at for more info.   Inspired by JOYFUL NOISE, a chorus of singers with physical and intellectual disabilities who sing with infinite emotion teaching us that we need to “To shine with all your might.”   Can be sung with unison treble and SATB at the same time.   (see the video section for performance) or click below to hear Paul Caldwell and Nick Page lead the combined honors choruses at the Auguest, 2014 Voices United Conference in Fairfax, VA.

by Nick Page ©2007   SA Piano   Hal Leonard   These three Twain songs draw on musical styles from his lifetime: a ragtime syncopation,  a sea shanty, and a hoedown.
      To Be The First  Text by Mark Twain, Music by Nick Page ©2007 SA Piano (a Rag in 7)  Hal Leonard

Explore, Dream Discover Text by Mark Twain, Music by Nick Page ©2007 SA Piano   Hal Leonard  This song has an uplifting message about setting dreams and finding “pride in getting things done.”

When In Doubt, Tell the Truth 
Text by Mark Twain, Music by Nick Page ©2007  SA Piano   Hal Leonard.   This contains the hilarious line, “Always obey your parents – when they are looking.” 

Been Down Into the Sea  Spirituals arr. by Nick Page SAT/Piano, 2009 ALLIANCE

Je Vois la Neige Qui Danse
  (by Marilyn Bentov & Nick Page  Unison Treble w/piano  Boosey & Hawkes Click Below to hear the Cincinnati Children’s Choir directed by Robyn Lana

Click below hear pronunciation guide for Je Vois la Neige Qui Danse (Please note the word “qui” in the first phrase is mispronounced on the recording.   It should be “kee.”)

Amid the Splendors of the Sun
  Appalachian folksong arr. by Nick Page Treble/Piano w/4 part round,  2009 Colla Voce

Find the Cost Of Freedom  by Stephen Stills ©1971, ed. by Nick Page ©2006 TTB  Hal Leonard    Crosby, Stills & Nash song written as a tribute to fallen soldiers with the text, “Find the cost of freedom buried in the ground.”  Here is a promo recording from Hal Leonard.

Dai Lanu 
(This Is Enough) by Nick Page   solo, SATB, piano and optional percussion, recorders, 2009  earthsongs   With the words, “To dance with the mystery, this is enough.”  Click below to hear an edited version.

Turn Around
  by Malvina Reynolds, ©1958 Arr. by Nick Page ©2007  SSA Piano  Hal Leonard   Can be sung Unison or 2 Part.   This Malvina Reynold’s great song about growing up, “Turn around and you’re a young girl going out of my door.”  USED BY PERMISSION  HAL LEONARD©

Shout the Praise
  by Nick Page ©2005  (in Gospel/Salsa styles)  SATB, Piano, Timbales & Band   Boosey & Hawkes   By mixing Gospel  forms and Salsa rhythms, Nick has created a contemporary re-setting of Psalm 150 that can be celebrated in schools, churches, synagogues, or concert halls. 

O Virtus Sapientiae
  text by Hildegarde von Bingen, Music by Nick Page ©2002 SAB, Brass Quintet & Organ. Boosey & Hawkes  “There is a power of wisdom that circles all things. And this power of wisdom is filled with life.  We sing praise to you, O Wisdom.”    USED BY PERMISSION (Click below to hear synth version)

Bowling Green  
arr. by Nick Page SA w/banjo & bluegrass band or just piano    Boosey & Hawkes (easy)

Ba Ba Doo Ba
 A Jazz Scat for Chorus by Nick Page, Lili Nye, & Peter Skillman SATB w/solo improvisation.   Boosey & Hawkes.  The piece offers solo scat improv opportunities.  Click below to hear a synth version.  

Orpheus With His Lute Made Trees
  (a Madrigal) Text by Shakespeare, Music by Nick  Page  SATB  Boosey & Hawkes

  by Nick Page ©2007  for Treble Voices & Piano  Boosey & Hawkes
      Baby Song of the Four Winds  poem by Carl Sandburg©, SA/piano  Boosey & Hawkes Click to hear BABY SONG 1st half    Click to hear BABY SONG 2nd half

      Was Ever a Dream a Drum?  poem by Carl Sandburg©, SA/piano   Boosey & Hawkes  click here to hear a fragment

      Stars, Songs, Faces   poem by Carl Sandburg©, SA/piano   Boosey & Hawkes  (Orchestral version available)  Click here to hear

Nick Page’s SING WITH US songbook and choral series (songs for chorus and audience – or just chorus)  from Hal Leonard ©2008   The SING WITH US (STEP ONE) songbook includes several Nick Page originals (Zest Song, A Promise I Will Keep, School Song, Birthday Swing, I Walk in Beauty) as well as arrangements of great songs for community singing (Alle Brider, The Water Is Wide, Fanga, Head and Shoulders, Neesa Neesa).  Most of the songs, particularly the songs of many cultures, come with stories that help make the songs come alive (Thula Klizeo, Kayowajine). There are songs for all levels of singers.  The songs are in three parts: 1) Echo Songs, 2) Call & Response Songs and 3) Unison Songs followed by a full guide on how to engage great audience participation.   The songs are arranged so a chorus or class can learn the songs ahead of time, then bring in their audiences for the sing along sections.   The songs can also be performed without audience involvement or simply as community building activities.

The Nick Page SING WITH US Choral Series:
A Promise I Will Keep  by Nick Page ©2006  SATB, solo, audience, Piano w/optional band (Can be sung SA) Hal Leonard (w/Trax)  This anthem begins with words from The Hippocratic Oath, “In every house I will enter for good.”  Later the words promise to “do no harm, though it would profit me.”  There is a simple sing-along chorus that audiences can join in on. (Click below to hear Nick and Louise Grasmere soloists with Nick’s Mystic Chorale in Boston).

Shine Shine Shine
  Spiritual arr. by Nick Page ©2006  SATB, solo,  audience, Piano, drums, bass    Hal Leonard (w/Trax)  This piece begins with a rhythmic variation of “This Little Light of Mine,” followed by a simple echo section that audience can join in on.   It ends with everyone singing “This Little Light.” 

The Earth’s Been Good To Me 
arr by Nick Page ©2006   SAB/Piano    Hal Leonard.  Using the old “Johnny Appleseed Grace,” this piece is a joyful dance for the Earth with a simple audience part.

Building Bridges  arr. by Nick Page ©2005  for children’s choir, SATB choir & audience    Hal Leonard.  “Building bridges between our divisions.  I reach out to you, will you reach out to me? With all of our voices and all of our visions, friends we could make such sweet harmony.”  

Children Go Where I Send Thee  Spiritual arr. by Nick Page & Keith Hampton ©2006 SATB, solo, Piano  Hal Leonard  (w/Trax)  For festive occasions, this rouser brings together audiences and your singers for nine minutes of joy that builds and builds until an explosive “encore.”  (Click below to here parts 1, 2 & 3).

Love The Earth
   by Nick Page ©1999  Words adapted from the Lakota language, a Navaho prayer, and the song, “Home On The Range” SATB, Piano, Drums, Flute  Boosey & Hawkes 

Life Is a Song
  a Raga by Nick Page ©2002  Treble Voices, Piano and drone instrument.  Boosey & Hawkes.

And The Trees Stood Like Beautiful Buildings
 text from Frank Lloyd Wright© Music by Nick Page ©1994  SATB, piano, crystal glasses, steel cello or bowed gong, sticks & stones.  Boosey & Hawkes    A minimalistic choral setting.  15-And-the-trees-Mono-Portland-Part-1 15-And-the-trees-Mono-Portland-Part-2 15-And-the-trees-Mono-Portland-Part-3

Sing and Shine On  by Nick Page ©1996  Two Part Treble & Piano  Boosey & Hawkes

I Used To Be A Riddle
 by Nick Page ©2003  SA/Piano  Boosey & Hawkes   Tern short settings of poems by children, “I used to be a riddle, but now I am a poem.”

Life Is Like A Mountain Railway (A Bluegrass Gospel) arr. by Nick Page ©1999  SATB/Duet with Piano   Boosey & Hawkes (Click below to hear parts one and two)

Mouth Peace I  
 by Nick Page ©1994  SA (w/optional Piano)  B&H  Combines Irish, West African, and Jazz wordless styles.

Fantasy on Two English Carols arr. by Nick Page ©1989 SSA piano  Boosey & Hawkes
The Holly and The Ivy  arr. by Nick Page ©1989 Two part treble with soprano recorder & piano  Boosey & Hawkes
Courage by Bob Blue  co-arr. by Nick Page SA/Piano  Roger Dean Publishers


We Pray (Healing Prayer) words from “Balm In Gilead.”  music by Nick Page, duet, SATB, Piano, The congregation sings the words “We Pray” and “Feel the love around you.”  (see video sections)

Comic Book Opera by Nick Page – 12 minute opera for children’s chorus (SA), soloists, piano, and kitchen utensils.  Commissioned by the Children’s Choirs of The Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of New York Craig B. Knapp, Erica Purrone, Directors. Below is a recording of the premiere at Lincoln Center.   The 12 minute opera tells the story of children caught in a freak accident in a kitchen who are turned into Microwave Boy, Cuisinart Girl, Oven Mitt Boy, Juicy Juicer and the Evil Trash Compactor.  Each character has a percussion theme played by kitchen utensils.   They each have an interval as well (m2, m3, P4, 8ve).  It’s a choral piece with soloists.   The simple staging involved large banners with words like “Pow” and “Bam.”

Liberty  SA/Piano a Tribute to the Statue of Liberty by Nick Page
God’s Compassion All Divine SATB, Bells/Piano by Nick Page
Lennon Loves  Songs by John Lennon arr. by Nick Page Available SA & SATB w/piano
We Are Free by Zakhele Msome (South African) arr. Nick Page Available SA, SAT, and SATB
City of Chicago  by Luka Bloom  arr. by Nick Page  Alto solo/SATB Click below to hear. 

My Mom Was a Woman
  by Sydney Carter  Arr. by Nick Page TTBB/solo.  Click below to hear humorous recording featuring Nick’s brother Ted as soloist.  

And Then In Dreaming
  Text by Shakespeare, Music by Nick Page  SATB

Olly Olly End Free a children’s musical with book and music by Nick Page (about a planet where if you believe something, it will be true).  The score is not currently available.

The Gimme Gimmes  by Nick Page, a children’s musical about a land where greed rules.  The score is not currently available.

Attack of the Windmills by Nick Page, a musical comedy. An emotionally wounded young man is hit in the face by life, by death, by beauty, by fear, by love and is healed.    Currently being rewritten.

Book: The SING WITH US Songbook  by Nick Page (see above)  HAL LEONARD
Book: SING AND SHINE ON, A Teacher’s Guide to Multicultural Song Leading  by Nick Page    Published by   This book outlines Nick Page’s philosophy combining multicultural and multiple intelligence principles into a powerful vision in which music becomes central to life.
Book: MUSIC AS A WAY OF KNOWING  by Nick Page   Teacher resource on integrating music into the curriculum.   Published by Stenhouse

MYSTIC CHORALE’S 20TH ANNIVERSARY Triple CD The best of twenty years.

Nick Page is a Boston based composer, conductor and author who is also known for his song-leading.